Sunday, 17 August 2014

Your Mind Power

Your Mind

Your mind is a treasure house in itself. All you need to do is realize and unleash the magnificent potential lying dormant inside you. Your mind is your best and most powerful weapon and tool which if used in the right way can help you accomplish absolutely anything you wish. Once you realize what you are capable of, it is sure to bring several significant and positive changes in your life and your way of viewing things.

Let us understand your Brain theoretically.

Your brain has three main divisions :

1. The Conscious Mind.

2. The Semi Conscious Mind.

3. The Subconscious Mind.

The Conscious mind is what controls your thoughts, short term memory, decisions, etc. The semi conscious mind is active in times of implicit thinking, trances, hypnosis, etc. The Subconscious or Unconscious mind is always active even when you sleep. It controls your automatic body functions, your cellular memory, creativity, etc.

So how exactly is your mind going to help you achieve success or bring a change in your life?
The paragraph below should help you understand.

Remember when you were a kid and wanted a toy that you really liked? What did you do? You asked your parents for it, and they bought it for you, right?
Well, you might be surprised to know that it is the similar case with the Universe. When you have a wish, a desire or an aim that you really want to accomplish, you simply have to ask for it. And when you do, with all your heart, by the Law of Attraction and by the power of your Subconscious, you will definitely achieve your goal.
Even the Bible states:
"Ask and it shall be given"
Using the power of one's subconscious, one can achieve anything - until it is within the laws of the universe. Of course, asking or wishing for something isn't as easy as it was in your childhood. It involves willpower and concentration. It also involves realizing your own true potential and capabilities. Conveying your wish to the universe may or may not be an easy task. It actually depends on the kind of person you are. If you're more of a positive person with a positive attitude, it might not be very difficult for you. But if you are not a very positive person in general, it may take some time for you to built up a positive mentality.
Now, there are several ways of achieving your goals. These may involve affirmations, creative visualization, meditation, concentration, etc.
But hey, if you (for example) are a student and wish to get good grades, you shouldn't just sit there hoping to convey your message to the universe by meditation or concentration. That would be meaningless until you actually study! If you really want good grades, you need to makeup your mind and put in all your effort to achieve your goal. When you work with willpower to achieve it, that's when your message is conveyed to the universe. Instead of putting in effort, just wishing for it and expecting results is a total waste of time and energy.
And if by chance, even after trying hard, you still don't get positive results, as in this case, good grades, it only means that you need to work harder. Maybe there was still a part of you which expected negative results in spite of the efforts put in. Remember, it takes several positive thoughts to overcome a single negative thought. What you need to do is believe in yourself, believe that you have what it takes, and this time put in double the effort to ensure you get the expected results or more. And no matter what happens, do NOT lose hope.

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